A Beginner’s Guide for Skincare

To get success in anything, we need to follow a certain routine. Moreover, we should also ensure that the things we include in the routine are synchronized and get us near our eventual target. In the same way, having a good skincare routine is not less than an achievement.

The skin is the largest organ of our body is the most exposed one to pollution and other harmful elements. Thus, it becomes inevitable to have a daily skincare routine to maintain the moisture in our skin and keep it radiant and glowing.

There are umpteen types of how to start a skincare routine. It majorly depends on the type of skin and the weather conditions. Moreover, there are several other factors like demographic location, age, genetics, etc., according to which the skincare routine steps change.

Thus, to save you from this confusion, we have designed a beginner’s guide to skincare. The guide has simple skincare routines that are easy to understand and implement as well.

Therefore, without further ado, let us begin!

1: Keep it simple

As straightforward it may seem, keeping things simple in terms of skincare routine reaps in rich results. If you are a beginner, you need to start with the basic things. For example, start washing your face, hands and other exposed areas regularly with running water.

It will help in not letting the dust rest in your skin pores and make the skin look fresh.

You need to understand what your skin needs. Once you are able to figure that out, implementing an easy skincare routine will actually become simple.

2: Always use the right products

Once you become regular implementing the simple habits, the next step is to choose the right skincare product. At Mike’s Soaps, we have a prolific range of handmade soaps, shampoo bars, bath bombs, etc., that are made of natural ingredients.

If you include commercial products in your face care routine skin regime, it will have a harmful impact on the skin in the long run.

Prolonged use to cosmetic products take away the natural moisture of your skin and make it look dull and dry.

3: Alter the skincare routine according to the climate

Well, your demographic location plays an important part if you are implementing skincare for beginners. Thus, as a beginner, you should focus on having a basic skincare routine according to the weather.

For example, in winters, you must look to apply moisturizers and lotions to keep the skin’s pH value intact. Moreover, along with the lotions, you can apply skincare creams.

Since you are a beginner, make sure you select a cream that is suitable to all skin types and does not have skin harming ingredients.

4: Understand your skin type

‘If you tell a fish to climb a tree, it will consider itself foolish.’ A simple formula of ‘horses for courses’ applies when it comes to having a good skincare routine. Thus, it becomes inevitable for you to understand your skin type before beginning the skincare routine.

Moreover, at Mike’s Soaps, we have different skincare products that are handmade and are devoid of any harmful ingredients.

Once you understand your skin type, it will be easier for you to find out the answer of the ever perennial question, that is ‘how to start a skincare routine?’

5: Give your routine time to settle down

Once you begin to implement a basic skincare routine, make sure you persist with it. There might be chances when you will not see prominent results from the starting. This is because every skin type is different and every skin reacts differently to a routine.

Therefore, the bottom line here is to not lose patience. Moreover, another key thing here is to be consistent. If you do not follow the simple skincare routine regularly, the results would be far below expectations. Thus, consistency and patience are very important for getting the desired result from the skincare routine.

6: Day and night skincare routine

In the modern-day work schedules, mornings are generally hectic. So there are chances that you would not get adequate time to take care of your skin. In this situation, your morning basic skincare should be as minimal as possible.

By doing this, you assure two things: 

1. A minimalist skincare routine will be easier to follow.

2. You will be able to maintain it consistently.

On the other hand, the nighttime skincare routine is all about keeping a shield on your skin. Try and include anti-aging ingredients in your simple skincare routine. The night will allow the ingredients to settle in and thus will keep the shine of your skin intact.

7: Power of a good night’s sleep

You cannot undermine the positive impact a good night’s sleep will have on your skin. Because, while you are resting, the skin is busy doing the repair work of the wear and tear of the day. Thus, if you do not give your skin adequate time to do the repair work, the results will be bad.

More so, in the present times where everyone is dealing with a hectic schedule, it can take a toll on your skin. Hence, make sure you have at least 6-8 hours of sound sleep. This sleep pattern will allow the skin to do the repair work naturally and allow the skincare ingredients to settle.

 Skincare in a nutshell is not as hard as it may seem. You just need to take a step forward and begin with a simple skincare routine. After a point, once you get hold of things, you can make the necessary changes according to your likes.

Moreover, change your skincare routine order according to your age, the weather conditions and other things with time. Finally, do not hop on to different products, especially commercials. We at Mike’s Soaps understand the importance of our customer’s skin and make our products in small batches to ensure premium quality.

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