5 Chemicals to avoid in Shampoo and Shampoo Bars 

You need not be an over thinker to think about what constitutes a shampoo. Cannot say on the behalf of everyone but people like me would surely wonder, ‘What are the main ingredients of shampoo? You would have come across some of the ingredients in your shampoo such as Sulphates, Preservatives, Fragrance, and Parabens. If yes, then let me tell you, these all are just toxic chemicals and nothing more. 

Now another question would arise in your mind, ‘Is shampoo bad for your hair then?’ No, only the chemicals present in it are. Hair care products in particular contain loads of toxic ingredients. These chemicals not just affect your hair but your overall well-being. Some brands simply cannot avoid chemicals in shampoos, but you can certainly avoid those brands. All you have to do is just check the label before picking out a shampoo. 

The list of ingredients and chemicals to avoid in hair products like shampoo is quite long but we have covered the top 5 villains that are extremely harmful for your overall health. Here are the toxic ingredients to avoid while getting a shampoo:

1: Sulphates

Are you among the ones who love thick lather up on their head while shampooing? If yes, then let me tell you it is not something to love, in fact the contrary. Sulphates are similar to the stuff that you scrub your utensils with; they are great at removing things, first dirt and oil, then natural oils & moisture of your hair, then your hair. The natural moisture is much needed to keep your hair soft and shiny. When you wash your hair with a sulphate shampoo, they sure take away all the oils and excess with them, but they leave your hair damaged, brittle and even more frizzy. When used for prolonged periods, they can compromise the follicles and can give rise to other harmful effects on the human body such as disrupting the hormonal balance. It is specially recommended to use shampoo without chemicals like sulphates if you have sensitive skin, eczema, dry hair, colored hair or frizzy hair. 

2: Parabens

Brands claim that their products will last long with but at the cost of what? Our hair? Our health? For increasing the shelf life of a shampoo, companies add parabens to it. They are used to ward off the bacteria from growing in your shampoos. Parabens have a similar constitution to a group of hormones present in our bodies which is why it can lead to the disruption of hormones. Just as sulphates, they can even irritate your skin and cause allergies. 

Good news is parabens in shampoo can actually be avoided. Instead of using shampoos containing parabens, you can switch to the ones containing citric acid, which acts as a better alternative to these harmful chemicals. 

3: Phthalates

Have you ever wondered about the reason behind these good smelling shampoos? This is induced by the presence of Phthalates in shampoo. They make the fragrance stick to your hair and scalp. Additionally, Phthalates are used by the shampoo manufacturing companies to keep everything mixed together and also to increase the spreadability of the product. But do you know what it does to you? Being Endocrine Disruptors, they can mess with your hormones to cause early puberty in girls and decrease sperm count in men. Besides, they are a threat to the environment. 

If you are a sucker for wonderful smelling hair, you may want to switch to Shampoos infused with Essential oils instead of using the ones with synthetic fragrances. Essential oils not only make your hair smell good, but also have several health benefits. 

4: Triclosan 

Would you use a hand sanitizer to wash your hair? The odds are that you would have used already. The chemical Tricolsan is an ingredient used as an antibacterial agent and a preservative in hand sanitizers and other body and hair care products like toothpaste, deodorant, shampoo and conditioner. The chemical cumulates in your fat cells and acts as a toxin in your body. Considering the time it takes to break down, it jeopardizes our health, also the environment by making its way to the water supply. It is believed to cause health problems like decreasing immunity, lung issues, hormonal disruption and skin irritation. 

Kill those germs and bacteria with Essential oils in your Shampoo and not with toxic chemicals. Toxin free shampoo is the only way to go. 

5: Dimethicone

Does your hair sometimes feel greasy even after the wash? That’s because of Dimethicone, a toxic chemical yet again. It is a type of silicone used in hair care products. The greasy hair sure acts as a shield on the surface of the hair from sunlight and drying air. However, it also prevents the nutrients and moisture from coming in and rather cumulates residue and dirt on the scalp. Without proper moisture balance, your hair can get dry and brittle which is easily prone to breakage. The accumulated dirt and residue can clog the pores on the scalp thereby causing irritation. In short, this chemical can deteriorate the overall health and quality of your strands with continuous usage in the long run. 

What should you do?

Using chemical free shampoo and conditioner goes without telling after a detailed blog on which chemicals to avoid. However, the question remains what should you be using instead? To minimize the health risk, Organic shampoos and conditioners are something you should consider. They are made of sustainable ingredients with no added chemicals. 

With Mike’s Soaps by your side, ‘No chemical Shampoo’ is not just a dream anymore. We create Shampoo Bars with naturally occurring ingredients which are extremely gentle on your skin and hair. The rich fragrance comes from the essential oils used in the bars. As Shampoo bars do not require any plastic, they’re biodegradable making it environment friendly. Handmade with Love, Mike’s Products are Cruelty Free, Vegan, Paraben Free and Sulfate Free. 

Do you chemical free shampoo? Let us know in the comments. Checkout various chemical free shampoo bars at Mikes Soaps.

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