7 Best soap bar for spring

 “Spring is nature’s way to of saying, ‘Let’s Party!””- Robin Williams

Spring season is the time when nature rejuvenates itself and is in a happy mood. So during this time, it becomes inevitable for us to take good care of our skin so that it maintains its moisture and glow throughout the year.

Handmade soaps can be vital in revitalizing your skin by cleaning its pores and rendering the qualities of its natural ingredients. The moisturizing soaps are good for your skin as they don’t contain any harsh materials that are generally found in the commercial soaps. Moreover, along with having extraordinary handmade soaps for all skin types, we at Mike’s soap have a whole range of best men’s bar soaps for the spring season.

We understand the magic handmade soaps can create for your skin. Thus, without further ado, let us have a look at the list of best bar soap for the spring season for all skin types.

List of best soaps for the spring season

1: Cucumber melon soap

Cucumber Melon Handmade Soap

As the name itself suggests, the freshness of honeydew and crisp cucumber will fill your spring morning with the apt amount of soothing energy. The ingredients of this natural soap for sensitive skin include top-rated vegan ingredients like palm oil, Shea butter, cocoa butter, etc. with bentonite clay.

Moreover, the glycerin in the soap helps in maintaining the water levels in the skin and prevents it from getting dry and itchy, especially during the spring season. Moreover, this hydrating soap will add stars to your overall charisma as it has all the vitamins and nutrients that are needed for a radiant looking skin.

2: The spiritualist 2.0

The Spiritualist soap

Do you have acne-prone skin and are having trouble in finding a solution for it? Well then you need to go no further than ‘The Spiritualist 2.0’ handmade soap for men. This is one of the best men’s bar soap as it has all the anti-fungal and antibacterial properties. Moreover, its finest vegan ingredients work perfectly for giving a soothing effect to the skin.

The USP of ‘The Spiritualist 2.0’ is that it has pine tar which is extensively used to treat skin conditions such as psoriasis and eczema. In addition, it has traditional Indian fragrance nag champa which soothes your skin apart from cleaning the pores to the core.

3: Vanilla Latte coffee soap

Vanilla Latte coffee soap bar

Do you want to feel the exquisite smell and a high-flying coffee shop experience every time you take a bath? If the answer is yes, then the vanilla latte coffee soap is the best natural soap for sensitive skin, especially in the spring season. It excels in removing the dead skin as its caffeine ingredients purifies the skin.

The majority of the ingredients of this soap are natural oils and butters, which can be easily found in most kitchens. It is gentle to the skin and has all the natural ingredients needed for the betterment of the skin. As the vanilla latte coffee soap is devoid of any harmful chemicals, it is a good natural soap that has no negative health related outcomes.

4: Handsome Devil

The Handsome Devil 2.0 - masculine men's soap

This is a top-rated vegan men’s soap that has a gentle blend of rose hips, coconut milk, etc. with a touch of sweet vanilla bean. Handsome Devil is the best men’s bar soap as at Mike’s Soaps, we only use the best and the most sustainable ingredients in our soaps. Here we have palm oil, coconut milk, olive oil, etc. that deep cleans your skin and gives it a fresh, radiant look.

At Mike’s soaps, we make our handmade soaps in small batches. Thus, each of our pieces is of the highest quality and has the best organic ingredients. Moreover, the handmade soaps are animal cruelty-free as well.

5: Green Tea and Lemongrass

4 green tea and lemongrass handmade soap bar

If you are looking for the best soap for dry skin, Green Tea and Lemongrass handmade soap will be the best fit. Apart from energizing your skin, this soap will keep your skin radiant especially in the spring season.

At Mike’s soaps, we only focus on producing and delivering the best natural soaps. Unlike the commercial soaps that have all the harmful components, we handcraft our soaps to ensure the best quality.

Green Tea and Lemongrass soap has white ginger, verbena leaf and key lime zests along with other natural ingredients which help in bringing life to your skin. Moreover, its finest vegan ingredients play an important role in keeping the moisture of the skin intact.

6: The Woodsman 2.0

Woodmen 2.0 handmade natural soap bar from Mike's Soaps

Is being outdoor and amidst nature your happy vibe? If the answer is in affirmation, then ‘The Woodsman 2.0’ must be the go-to handmade soap for you. It has the perfect scent of apple leaves, rosemary and blue vetiver. Along with this, it has fir needle and juniper which makes it one of the best men’s bar soaps.

The USP of ‘Woodsman 2.0’ is that it contains walnut shell powder. The walnut shell powder acts as an exfoliate which makes it perfect for the nourishment of the skin. Moreover, the user should avoid using ‘The Woodsman 2.0’ if they have any kind of allergies to tree nuts.

Its ingredients have invigorating and fresh notes of juniper and glistening frost which makes it great for the outdoors. So if you are a camper or a hiker or a bear wrestler, etc. ‘The Woodsman 2.0’ will not disappoint you in any case.

7: Layered Lavender Soap

4 layered lavender natural handmade soap from Mike's Soaps

The spring season brings in a tinge of calmness with itself. At Mike’s soaps, we understand the importance of calmness and relaxation our customer should get upon having a bath with our handmade soaps.

If you use the ‘Layered Lavender Soap’, its true aroma will fill your soul with calmness. Moreover, its natural ingredients will be gentle to the skin so that the user can use as a face soap in the spring season as well. As the handmade soap is sulphate free, it does the twin work of being gentle to your skin and harmless to the environment.

Revitalize your skin this spring season with the hand-crafted best body soap at Mike’s soap. We curate our products with a sole aim to render the best possible services to our customers.

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