8 Summer Hair Care tips for 2021

‘Hair is the crown of our head’. And just like any other precious thing, our hair requires special attention according to the change in weather. During summer, people tend to let loose their hair and enjoy the cool breeze and the outdoors in a carefree manner. But this carefree attitude comes at a price and can damage your hair.

Thus, to avoid this, adopting a summer hair care routine is a must. The routine will help you improve the strength of your hair strands and help you style your hair well. In summer, the hair faces a constant fight with the heat and the humidity. In addition, the commercial products with hazardous chemicals do no good for the health of your hair.

Thus, to overcome this problem, we have several summer hair care tips that will help in revitalizing your hair. It will also help you in dealing with external hair damages, so that you can ‘beat the heat’ in style.

Here we go!

1: Opt for Natural Hair Products

With the heat and humidity in excess in summer along with pollution, the hair anyway goes through a lot. To protect them from further damage, they use natural summer hair products. At Mike’s Soaps, we have a vibrant range of shampoo bars that will not only outlast your basic shampoo bottle, but also are made of natural ingredients.

In summers, the hair dries at a rapid rate thus it is important to maintain the moisture in your scalp. Thus, our homemade shampoo bars will give you the best ‘summer natural hair care’. Moreover, it will allow you to flaunt the grace of your hair.

Apple Berry Shampoo Bar | Mike's Extraordinary Soaps

2: Control the frizz

Since the heat in summer makes your scalp dry, there are high chances of the hair to get frizzy. Thus to control this, condition your hair on a regular basis. You can use all natural things like Shea butter and coconut oil. This will not only de-frizz your hair but will also moisturize them.

Moreover, the natural oil will give the much needed shine to the hair and add an attractive texture to your hair. Since natural products are easily available, these hair care tips at home will be much beneficial for you.

3:Use a wide-tooth comb

Regular combing also constitutes an important hair care tip that you can use in the summer season. Therefore, opt to use a wide-tooth comb instead of a regular brush. This practice will help you to comb your hair in a better manner and also avoid breaking of hair. When you apply brush on wet hair, they are most susceptible to breaking.

Thus, the tip for hair care this summer is to go for wide-tooth comb as they will be more gentle on your hair. Unlike the common brush, the wide-tooth comb will not entangle your hair strands.

Brave Shampoo Bar | Mike's Extraordinary Soaps

4: Extend time between the Hair Wash

We completely understand the fact that due to the heat and sweat, you will be tempted to wash your hair in summer. But the best hair idea for summer is to keep an adequate amount between two hair washings in the summer season.

Excessive washing of hair with commercial products will strip your scalp of the natural oil that is much needed. Thus, at Mike’s Soaps, you will find the best range of naturally produced shampoo bars that will keep the moisture of the hair intact. We have an entire range of products for hair care that can help you implement tips for hair care this summer.

5: Avoid excessive heat on your hair

Keeping away from hair dryers, hair blowers or any other kind of products that generate excessive heat is one of the best hair care tips for summer. You should understand that there is much heat outside in the summer season. Therefore, you don’t need to add more heat to your hair in the pretext of styling them.

This practice during the summer season can cause long-term permanent damages to hair that are tough to cure. Thus, try and keep all your curling irons and hair straighteners, etc in your drawer only this summer. Just enjoy the natural style and texture of your hair in the summer season.

Lavender Shampoo Bar | Mike's Extraordinary Soaps

6: Sunscreen for the hair

Sunscreen for hair! It sounds flabbergasting, isn’t it? But to your astonishment, sunscreen for hair is a real thing. Just like the skin on the rest of your body is exposed to harmful UV rays in summer, the same is the case for your hair.

Therefore, you must look for natural summer hair products which contain the correct amount of sunscreen. It could be shampoos, hair oils, conditioners, hair masks, etc. Just make sure that you choose the hair care product by keeping the amount of sunscreen in mind.

7: Oil your hair regularly

Regular oiling of hair during summer will help you to maintain an adequate level of moisture in your hair. Moreover, it will also give an extra layer of protection to your hair against the excessive heat of the sun in summers.

Oiling done with lukewarm oil becomes one of the best hair care tips in summer as it can be done easily at home. Apply the oil to the roots of your hair. Keep it for some time and then rinse it properly. Due to its amazing properties, oiling is good for summer hair care. 

Rosemary Mint Shampoo Bar | Mike's Extraordinary Soaps

8: Drink plenty of fluids

It is an unwritten rule that you have to keep your body hydrated during summer. Drinking plenty of fluids will not only keep your skin radiant and will also provide adequate moisture to the scalp of your hair. Thus, you don’t have to visit any summer salon, just drink plenty of water and keep your hair in good shape.

You need to identify the ‘just for your hair products’. Because it is very essential to understand the type of your hair in order to provide them proper care. At Mike’s Soaps, we produce our summer hair products by keeping all the needs of our customer in mind. Try our natural hair care products along with summer hair care tips and take good care of your hair.

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