Candles are perfect for every occasion; they capture moments with beautiful scents and help to uplift the mood. But the deal is, not all are created equal. This blog post addresses 8 reasons why you should buy hand-poured candles instead of mass-produced store-bought candles. So, let’s jump right into it:

Zero Compromise on Candle’s Quality

Because hand-poured candles are made in small batches, the candlemaker exercises maximum quality control to ensure consistency and excellence. But, mass-produced store-bought candles are made cost-effectively using huge manufacturing machines with very little human supervision, this goes to say that there are minimal quality standards and poor control over the final product.  

Because of this, problems like misplacement of the candlewick and short-lived or inconsistent scent (this happens when fragrance oils are added at the wrong temperature, unevenly distributed, or don’t bind perfectly to the wax), and emission of soot are very common with popular mass-produced candle brands. Clearly, handmade candles are more value for your money because there is no compromise on quality—they are carefully crafted with all-natural and quality ingredients, and production is closely monitored from start to finish.

Eco-Friendly Candles

Some decades back, candle manufacturers in the US used to braid cheap cotton wick around lead wires to achieve a firm, unbending candlewick. These lead-core candles were reported by The United States Environmental Protection Agency Research and Development in an article titled, Candles and Incense as Potential Sources of Indoor Air Pollution: Market Analysis and Literature Review, to release lead in amounts higher than the recommended EPA safe limits.

 In 2003, lead-core candles were banned in the US but it is believed that they are still being imported from countries like Japan and China where there are no strict regulations guiding the candle making industry. 

Lead-core candles are highly dangerous and reduce air quality. Prolonged exposure will cause mental retardation, depression, lethargy, hormonal imbalance, complications in pregnancy, lower brain activity and development in young children, and so on. It is best to purchase locally made hand-poured candles made with cotton or wood wick, they are sustainable and great for the environment. 

They Are Not Dangerous to Your Health 

Most mass-produced candles are manufactured using paraffin wax, a byproduct of petroleum and harmful chemicals like phthalates (used to extend the scent of fragrance oils), which release carcinogenic compounds like benzene, toluene, formaldehyde, acrolein, etc. into the air when burned. This toxic emission can cause serious health problems, including mutagenic effects for those that inhale it.

It can worsen respiratory complications like asthma, dyspnea, respiratory infections, and lung cancer. Hormonal imbalance resulting in reproductive difficulties can also occur from prolonged exposure to these chemicals. What’s worse is constantly burning these paraffin wax candles would stain your precious walls and ceiling with black sooty residue.

Now the question is, why do these big brands use these harmful materials? Well, it’s simple. Paraffin wax holds lower amount of fragrance for longer, is readily available, and a much cheaper alternative to beeswax, soy, or vegetable-based wax usually used in small batches of hand-poured candles. Burning hand-poured candles help to purify the air around your home.


Hand-poured candles are made by real people. Every candlemaker invests quality time, unmatched devotion, and love into his craft. So, each candle is a unique representation of the makers’ story, skills, creativity, and individuality. Whenever you patronize smaller brands instead of popular mass-produced candle brands, you are encouraging the uniqueness and creativity of the craftsman.

They Bring Nature to You

Hand-poured candles are beautifully scented pure essential oils and made with all-natural ingredients. Some candlemakers decorate their candles with botanicals like jasmine flowers, orange slices, lavender, or rose petals to bring nature closer to you. They deliver an aromatherapeutic experience, perfect for sharing relaxing and intimate moments with your beloved.

Customizable Candles

You can work with directly artisans who make hand-poured candles on customized products. They’d be happy to customize the exact colors, scents, and fragrance to your preference. They can make personalized gifts for family, holidays, weddings, religious ceremonies or rituals, etc.

They Are Unconventional and Trendy

Unlike popular mass-produced candle brands, local artisans and candlemakers are quick to experiment and create trends. They spend time understanding their production process, and it is more affordable and flexible for them to innovate new products or jump on trends.

They Support the Local Economy

Whenever you purchase hand-poured candles from local artisans or craftsmen, you help support their dream while contributing to the growth of the local economy. This adds up to create job opportunities and a better flow of money.

Hand-poured candles are high-quality, unique, safe, and customizable. What’s not to love about them? Have you ever purchased a hand-poured candle? What was your experience? Please share it with us in the comments.

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