Charcoal is one of the trendiest skincare ingredients out there, making it a must-have in Skincare products.


Michael Brant (“Mike”), soap and candle artisan, and the founder of Mike’s Extraordinary Soap was interviewed by shoutoutsocal and spoke of how his perspective on work-life balance has evolved; he opened up a bit about his work and career and gave recommendations of great restaurants to eat at, and amazing places to visit when in San Diego. 


Mike admits that COVID-19 has made it quite challenging to set boundaries between work and life, especially when his home doubles as his workspace. He disclosed that skincare isn’t a full-time job and gives him the liberty to squeeze out time to have fun; all he needs to do is dedicate time to make many products at once and sell them online bit by bit. 


He explained that homemade soaps are more nourishing and moisturizing, unlike the synthetic detergents bought at the grocery store which are not real soap. His journey as a soap maker started in late 2018 after reading a Pinterest article. He then took a safety class at a local soap maker’s house and advanced his knowledge through YouTube videos and Facebook Groups.

Are you aware that charcoal is an active ingredient in Mike’s great soap? Specifically, the Fancy Face soap. 

Charcoal is thought to be medicinal and it has been in use for thousands of years. 


Now let’s talk about some benefits of charcoal in skincare:

Benefits of charcoal 


● For people who sweat a lot, e.g., athletes, charcoal removes the dead cells and impurities that build up. It deep cleans and provides flawless skin.

● Ideal for oily skin because it helps absorb excess oil from the skin and gives you an oil-free look. 

● It has antibacterial properties and can neutralize pathogens, microbes, and fungal spores. 

● Highly beneficial for the treatment of acne and clears spots resulting from acne.

● It makes the skin tighter and firmer, thus preventing premature aging.  

Charcoal is used in soap and is also used in making other beauty products across the world like deodorants, cleansing gels, face masks, shampoos, toothpaste, hand wash, etc.

Mike wants the world to use real, natural soap and encourages everyone to treat their skin right because our skin deserves it. 

For a visitor to San Diego, Michael recommends coffee at Cafe Moto and shopping in Barrio Logan in the morning; a drive across the Coronado Bridge to Ferry Landing, and then lunch at one of the great restaurants in Ferry Landing, and a walk around Balboa Park or Little Italy in the evening.

If you’re interested in trying charcoal for your skin, Mike’s Extraordinary Soaps has multiple charcoal-infused options. They smell great and are made with only the highest quality ingredients. Treat your skin to affordable luxury made with love and care, available in different collections to suit your preference.

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