Amazing benefits of aromatherapy, while it’s one of the latest buzzwords in holistic medicine, aromatherapy is also an ancient practice found in many Eastern cultures and known to promote healing in a variety of ways. If you aren’t familiar, aromatherapy is the use of certain scents and essential oils to access the nervous system through scent receptors. Experts believe that smell plays a crucial role in emotional regulation and have even connected certain scents to the production of “happy chemicals” like serotonin in the brain.

Whether you have back pain, insomnia, or anxiety, aromatherapy has the potential to ease your symptoms and increase your overall well being. And while essential oils are the most well-known form of aromatherapy, many users prefer incorporating certain scents into their soaps, candles, or bath bombs for a less expensive and more immersive experience. Let’s take a look at some of the most popular aromatherapy scents and their benefits:




Lavender is favored for its stress-relieving properties. This delicate, floral scent is popular not only in perfumes but in aromatherapy practices for its ability to soothe and ease anxiety. Users often report feeling an immediate sense of calm wash over them after smelling lavender and often have an easier time sleeping. Lavender is most effective when the scent can be diffused through a room, particularly in the form of a bath bomb where its calming properties are compounded by the effect of warm water.




Lemongrass is said to be an ancient healing tool, used in both cooking and aromatherapy for centuries. It takes after its name, smelling strongly of citrus, and is said to increase energy and lift the mood of those who use it. When used in a soap form, lemongrass has additional antifungal and antibacterial products in addition to its aromatherapeutic benefits.

Lemongrass is commonly believed to be used to treat the symptoms of depression, stress, anxiety which has the potential to lower blood pressure if used frequently. Thus, it is commonly incorporated into hand soaps so its benefits can be incorporated into a daily routine with ease.




Another aromatherapy powerhouse is eucalyptus. Derived from the eucalyptus tree, the scent is refreshing, bright, and clean, and with it comes a laundry list of benefits. Eucalyptus has historically been said to be used as a natural immune-booster and works to cleanse the air wherever it is used. Not only that, but it is renowned for its mood-boosting and soothing effect on those who use it. Even better, most forms of eucalyptus are said to help relieve headaches, congestion, and tension when utilized through aromatherapy. Eucalyptus is the most effective

when it can be diffused throughout an entire room or used regularly, meaning it is best utilized in the form of a candle or a hand soap for daily use to garner its full benefits. Most people believe that no matter what you’re looking to treat, from headaches to anxiety, there is an aromatherapy solution available to you.

Mike’s Extraordinary Soaps offer inexpensive aromatherapy options for everyone, incorporating all three of the scents above into their products, from soaps to candles to bath bombs, and making it easy to determine what works best for you. They utilize real essential oils, ensuring you get the full benefit of each scent along with all-natural ingredients so you don’t have to worry about any additives either!


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