8 Benefits of hand poured candles

What comes to your mind when one says ‘candles’? Well, apart from the fact that it provides light, candles have a soothing, aromatic fragrance that can instantly lighten up your mood and give you a happy feeling.

Out of all the other types of candles, hand poured candles are in a league of their own. We at Candles by Mike, believe that you must have nothing but the best when it comes to candles. We have the best smelling candles that consist of all the ingredients which can prove to be your perfect ally, whether you are meeting a friend, a loved one, or just wish to lighten up the mood during an office party.

We know that you are curious now to know about the benefits of hand poured candles in detail. Therefore, without further ado, let us set the ball rolling!

1. Mesmerizing ambiance

Candles have this unique ability to calm down things within its aura. At Candles by Mike, we make our hand poured candles with coconut wax. The smell of coconut creates an immaculate and mesmerizing ambiance, as when the scented wax melts, its aroma spreads and helps you feel relaxed and calm.

Our Lavender candle is filled with the richness of fresh fern and wild honey with a tinge of sandalwood. With all the ingredients in the right proportion along with green notes and true French lavender, it is one of our most popular hand poured candles.

2. Adds ‘stars’ to your decoration

Light a candle in your room and see the beautiful charm it adds. Because of their versatile nature, hand poured candles add style and look great wherever they are placed in the room or even outside.

We make our hand poured candles in small batches so that we can ensure maximum consistency in quality and excellence. Our scented candles’ set can add vibrancy to any indoor or, for that matter, outdoor setup. Be it a center-piece in your room or a corner to create a whimsical escape, hand poured candles hit the ‘bull’s eye’ every time.

3. Enhancing the happiness quotient

The soothing impact created by hand poured candles helps in the generation of positive vibes and takes your happiness quotient to another level.  Our scented vanilla candles with the flavour of rich, dark Jamaican coffee beans would help in creating a perfect setting of peace and harmony where you can relax after a long day’s work.

Hand poured candles can be your ‘ally of good times’. Yes, amidst the hustle and bustle of the overly competitive modern day life, lighting a hand poured candle can be the ‘quiet escape’ which would help you recharge your batteries and become ready for the next day.

4. Clean burning

Hand poured candles do not release any kind of toxic elements like carbon dioxide, phthalate or any other harmful chemicals. At Candles by Mike, we use renewable sources of energy which not only is good for the environment but also when you buy from us, you are also supporting a small business in the USA.

Hand poured candles release fewer amounts of soot and unlike a Paraffin candle, it does not get accumulated on walls or other surfaces of your home. We provide a set of scented candles that burn for longer periods of time and fill your room with great fragrance.

After understanding these stupendous benefits of the hand-poured candles, it is now time to choose what kind of scented candles are best for you. At Candles by Mike, we have scented candles for men and women and also every special occasion. Here we go!

5. How to choose the best hand poured candle?

Believe it or not, but there are candles for every mood! At Candles by Mike, we develop our candles according to the different moods of humankind. Let us have a look.

6. Nostalgia

If you are sitting in your room reminiscing the days gone by, the scented vanilla candles embrace the zest of your nostalgic feelings in a profound manner. Its vegan coconut soy blend wax and phthalate free fragrance will take you to the wonderful land of happy memories when times were good and simple.

7. Feeling low

In if you are feeling low after a long hard day, you can immerse yourself in the fragrance of our scented Lavender candles. This is because some people have rated lavender scent highly when they are relaxing after their work.  Moreover, if you are looking for a happy contrast in your life, the vegan coconut soy blend wax of the scented Lavender candles will help in giving your mind the much needed happy vibes.

8. Stress

If we say that being stressed is synonymous to living a modern lifestyle, it would not be an overstatement. Thus, allow yourself to indulge in the heavenly aromatherapy experience with our stress relief candles. The blend of soft floral tones and warm woods with a tinge of sweet jasmine will fill the room with its mesmerizing fragrance and would have a positive effect on your overall aura.

9. Feeling Happy!

If you are feeling on the top of the world, Candy Apple Holiday Candle from our scented candles set will be perfect for you. Its rich cinnamon spice and mouth-watering blend of candied orange and crisp apple will help in boosting your high spirits. Moreover, this zesty candle will also add zeal in your already over the top spirits.

Hand poured candles are the perfect thing for every human emotion, whether good or bad. Its aroma and toxic free fragrance will strike the right chord with your mood every time to light it. At Candles by Mike, we have the best smelling candles that will allow you to embrace your lost emotions and live life to the fullest. So what are you waiting for? Treat your body and your senses with our ‘perfect for all occasions’ hand poured candles.

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