Benefits of handmade soap for different skin types

In today’s world, business corporations can go to any extent to earn more money; they tend to provide sub-standard products to their customers. Be it food, material design, there is a mad rush to become the no.1 in one’s genre. The story of soap manufacturing is no different. The majority of soaps in today’s market are not natural soaps but piece of chemical detergents made from petroleum products. The ingredients of these commercialized soaps can have ill-effect on your skin in the long run.

Handmade soaps, on the other hand, are produced, keeping all the skin types in mind. At Mikes soaps, we genuinely work towards answering the trickiest question, ‘what is soap made of’? We focus on including only the natural ingredients so that our customers can leverage the benefits of handmade soaps.

Before getting into the nitty-gritties of the benefits of homemade soaps, let us first understand what constitutes a good handmade soap.

 What is a handmade soap?

Handmade soaps are made by including pure essential oils and high-quality ingredients. At Mikes soaps, we make our handmade soaps in small batches so that the product’s quality is not compromised at any stage. Our pure natural soap bars are not only highly functional but are gentle and safe for the skin.

All skin types cherish the freshening properties of the handmade soaps as the soaps are devoid of paraben and sulfate.

Now a question might arise in your mind, why handmade soaps and not any other options. Let us understand the reason behind it in detail.

Why handmade soaps?

Skin is the largest organ in our body, and if we are not mindful about the soap that we use daily on our skin, we are sowing seeds for something terrible. Homemade soap is better for your skin as they consist of natural additives and can be applied to any skin type without causing any side-effects.

Also, if you wish to clean your skin better, there is no better option than using handmade soap.

Adequate attention to the process

‘Rome was not built in a day.

Like any other good thing, it takes immaculate precision and a stoic process to create handmade soap. We make our natural moisturizing soaps in three ways.

Hot process: In this method, the soap utilizes heat after the saponification process

Cold Process: It is a time consuming method, but the most amazing handmade soaps can be crafted through this method. Despite being time consuming, this traditional method is the most favored one.

Melt and pour: The material used to make melt and pour soaps are pre-packaged, and thus, it is not the best soap that you want to buy.

Advantages of applying handmade soaps on your skin

As mentioned above, the handmade soaps’ natural ingredients keep them in the league of their own. As people with dry, sensitive and other skin types can use it without any hesitation, natural moisturizing soaps (handmade soaps) are a hit in the market.

No chemicals

Majority of the soap making companies use harsh chemicals as they are cheaper, readily available, and help in mass production. For example, if you have sensitive skin, try and use natural soap for sensitive skin and see the difference yourself. Our handmade soaps made of sustainable ingredients help remove excess dirt, oil, etc., from your skin pores.

Everyone is looking for soaps free of any hazardous ingredients, and switching to pure natural soap bars is the best thing you can do for your skin. At Mikes soaps, you will find a myriad of handmade soaps to choose from, and we are happy to serve you to the best of our abilities.

Usage of Glycerine

An important fact to understand here is that glycerine is not added to the ingredient list of the handmade soaps, albeit created during the soap making process. Glycerine is a vital palliative that helps maintain moisture in the skin. Thus glycerine soap benefits the skin immensely.

Glycerine, just like honey, is a natural humectant and mass production of chemical-laden soaps removes it during the production process itself.

Better Aroma

One of the other benefits of handmade soaps is that it has a fantastic aroma due to its essential oils. Try and take a shower using natural soap, and you will feel that you are in a tranquil spa due to its unique fragrance. We at Mikes soaps use such ingredients in our handmade soaps that have anti-bacterial and anti-fungal properties. Thus along with a fantastic aroma, it keeps your skin silkier.

More Varieties

With handmade soaps, you get an ocean full of different varieties, unlike their chemical detergent counterparts. There is no limit on the types of soaps you can create using natural ingredients and essential oils. At Mikes soaps, we have 39 different varieties of handmade soaps for our customers that contains no fillers or commercial detergents.

No animal cruelty

The ingredients used in the natural soaps (handmade soaps) are not tested on animals as they are not made in a factory but crafted with love in small shops or kitchen.

Ask yourself a fundamental question: would you like to support the people who mistreat and torture innocent animals for their personal benefit? Of-course, the answer would be negative. On the other hand, at Mikes soaps, we use only the finest vegan ingredients like palm oil, cocoa butter, castor oil, etc., to make our handmade soaps. Our pure natural soap bars are filled with nature’s love and magic, unlike the commercial detergent soaps found in the market.

Apart from the fact that homemade soaps are better for your skin, they are artistically designed in small batches by artists. It makes them luxurious, beneficial and unique. Moreover, whenever you buy a homemade soap, you are doing your bit in helping a small business organization.

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