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Turn your next shower into an exfoliating experience, with our soap saver bag! Not only does the soap saver pouch provide a good scrub, but it makes your soap last longer by helping it to thoroughly dry after each use. You can also throw in any small scraps of soap that you’d normally throw away, to make sure they are fully used.

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✅ INVIGORATE & EXFOLIATE Our soap savers provide the perfect way to get an invigorating scrub instead of fumbling a slippery bar of soap. Just insert your bar of soap into the pouch, secure it closed and lather up!

✅ WASHABLE AND REUSABLE After each use, hang the soap saver pouch in the shower to dry. When the soap in the pouch is finished, rinse it well and throw the soap saver pouch in with a load of laundry. Made of high quality natural sisal, you can be sure of these soap pouches longevity.

✅ SAVE YOUR SOAP! Soap saver pouches make it extremely easy to collect and use your small soap scraps that are impossible to grip. Just throw the scraps in one of the sisal soap bags, add water, and extend the life of your soap bars, saving you money in the long term!

✅ PLASTIC FREE Both the sisal soap saver bags and the packaging are completely plastic-free because zero-waste is extremely important to us. The natural soap bags are 100% vegan and consist exclusively of sustainable materials – sisal, wood & cotton.

✅ CHANGE THE WAY YOU SHOWER Our soap saver bags are made of natural sisal, which is skin-friendly and safe. Fits most soap bars. These make a great gift for housewarming gifts, bridal showers and even baby shower gifts!

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