“Change is the only constant”. This phrase is true in every context of life and fits in very well when it comes to skin care routine. Our skin requires different kinds of treatment according to the change in weather. For example, in winter as the skin gets dry, we need to apply lotions and creams in order to maintain the moisture. In the same manner, the demands of summer skin care routine are different.

The human skin goes through many wear and tear in the summer season. Be it the excessive heat or the hazardous UV rays that are very prevalent in the summer season. Moreover, the skin care routine during summer also depends on your skin type, geographic location and gender as well.

At Mike’s Soaps, we have all the bases covered as we provide the best handmade soaps, bars and other skin care products which will keep your skin in good health in summer.

Moreover, here we will be listing few of the best summer skin care tips for the betterment of our readers. We believe that a summer skin care routine should be holistic and suitable for every kind of skin time. So without further ado, let’s set the ball rolling.

Summer skin care routine

Summer can be a challenging time to follow a good skin care routine. Because of the heat, excessive sweat and humidity, the skin gets tired easily. To get rid of these problems, here are a few tried, tested and easily tips to keep your skin afresh.

1: Cleansing is a must

In order to escape the extra sweat, you need to wash your skin regularly. By washing your face with handmade soaps or bars will keep the skin hydrated and grim free.  Moreover, you should not forget to scrub your face once or twice a week depending on your skin type.

Heat in the summer season produces excessive oil from the skin. Thus, washing and cleaning your skin and especially your face becomes an important summer skin care tip.

2: Use products according to the weather

The severity of heat in summer depends on your geographic location. Thus, you should always use weather appropriate skin products. Summer time skin care requires some extra attention as the heat tires up the skin at a rapid pace.

Therefore, as far as the skin care products are concerned, you should always opt for handmade products. At Mike’s Soaps, we have extraordinary seasonal handmade soaps, shampoo bars etc. that will help our customers.

For example, if you happen to live in a country or city that is humid and near the sea, you need beach skin care products. This will save your skin from the harmful ultraviolet rays and keep the health of your skin in good shape.

3: Keep yourself hydrated

Water will act as a natural hydrant for your skin. Along with using toxic-free natural skin care products, drinking adequate water becomes an important skin care tip for summer.

Water is the basic component of our skin. Thus, one should drink loads of water as it helps in keeping the skin fresh-looking and radiant. In addition, it also helps in flushing out all the toxins from your body and making the skin soft. Drinking water would be the perfect foil to all the summer skin care products and will help you in dealing with skin problems.

4: Allow your skin to breathe

Refrain from wearing tight clothes during summer. Wearable breathable fabrics which are nice, loose and light. Do not indulge yourself in wearing synthetic, tight garments. Because, these can increase the level of discomfort in your skin as they make you sweat more.

Moreover, tightness of the fabric causes itchiness in the skin due to the heat which further can lead to infections as well.

5: Treat your skin with homemade products

As we have discussed before that a good skin care tip for summer is a mindful selection of the skin care products. Here, handmade summer skin care products come into the picture.

Handmade products for skin are toxic free and are made in small batches instead of big machines. Moreover, as they are made in smaller batches, there is no compromise in their quality and they are soothing for every skin type.

At Mike’s Soaps, we have an emphatic collection of handmade skin care products for all skin types. As we use organic ingredients and plant extract in our products, using them will give you the best summer time skin care.

Moreover, unlike our commercial counterparts, our products do not have any harmful side-effects on your skin.

6: Eating cooling foods

What we eat reflects directly on our skin. Thus in order to keep your skin all in good measure this summer, make sure you include cooling foods in your diet. You can opt for all the seasonal fruits and vegetables, but make sure to be away from sugar drinks.

Instead of this, you can try vegetable juices and other alternatives. These options will not only keep your skin hydrated but will also have a long-term soothing impact on the skin. Therefore, a balanced diet that includes cooling food can be a handy summer skin care tip.

7: Give hygiene the optimal importance

It goes without saying that we need to keep our skin dirt and germ free in order to maintain its health during summer. Therefore, it becomes important to stick to the basics and clean your skin according to your skin type. For instance

Oily skin care routine in summer

If you have oily skin, it can become a rough deal during summer. Because of the excessive sweat and oil, there are chances of rashes and other skin reactions. The summer skin tip is to clean the pores of your skin regularly. You can use any natural handmade soap or bar, etc. to clean the pores of your skin and not allow additional sweat or germ to settle in.

Taking care of your skin in summer time is important as the skin becomes vulnerable due to the excessive heat and dirt. Thus, use the above-mentioned summer skin care tips and keep your skin healthy and fresh throughout the season.

Do you have a skin care routine? If yes do share it with us in comments.

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