The Benefits of Essential Oils in Soap


Essential oils have been used for thousands of years, beginning with the ancient Egyptians. The ancient Egyptians cultivated plants specifically to make essential oils and believed these oils to be an all-powerful source of healing and wellness, using them in everything from religion to cosmetics to medicine. Today, essential oils are gaining popularity, as more and more people turn to natural methods of healing their bodies and minds, finding numerous health benefits in these small yet potent bottles. Today, they are also used for medicinal purposes in cosmetics, perfumes, lotions, and body washes – among others. They are even used in cleaning products, since citrus essential oils have certain cleansing properties and offer a fresh, natural scent. One of their more well-known uses, though, is in soaps.


When it comes to soap, a precise amount of essential oil needs to be added to produce a particular or combined fragrance. This is one of the beauties of handmade natural soap – there are options for everyone, but it is not only about the fragrance of course. Essential oils are also thought to have medicinal properties, offering distinct benefits to a soap, beyond the only scent.

Here are three of the more common essential oils used in soaps, and the beneficial properties they offer our health from the outside in:




Rosemary essential oil is a popular choice due to its recognizable scent.

Just one sniff of Rosemary can decrease cortisol levels, thereby reducing stress. At the same time, it is thought to increase brain activity, helping with memory retention, focus, and alertness. Not only does it serve as both a natural relaxer and mind stimulator, but Rosemary is said to have antimicrobial properties that are thought to help with a variety of skin issues from eczema (dry skin) to oily skin, as well as acne.



Peppermint Essential Oil is thought to relieve muscle tension, spasms, and fatigue. Other benefits of using Peppermint topically include alleviation of headaches and itchy skin.  When it comes to our minds, Peppermint oil can lessen our feelings of stress and tension.  When we combine all of these unique elements of Peppermint, we are left with an overall boost of clarity and energy.



Lavender is loved for its soothing scent, which lends it a powerful ability to calm and relax the body and the mind. This, in turn, can lead to lower stress levels and better sleep. Lavender is also helpful for the skin. Like Rosemary, Lavender is thought to have antibacterial properties that can help people with common skin issues such as acne and scarring. Its anti-inflammatory properties are also healing when it comes to common skin conditions such as redness from the sun or itchiness caused by insect bites.

So if you thought soap was just about keeping yourself clean, guess again.  The benefits you gain from simply using a bar of soap with essential oils in your shower every morning not only smell great, but they may even have a long-lasting impact on your overall health and state of mind. 

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