What makes Lavender Oil so special? & Lavender Oil’s uses and Benefits

Who thought these petite bottles could contain an antidote so worthy. Starting with the ancient Egyptians, Essential oils have been in use for centuries now. The Egyptians especially cultivated plants to produce these essential oils. Making use of them in everything right from medicine to cosmetics to religion, they believed these oils to be a supreme source of healing and wellness. You do not have to go on any website looking for essential oil meaning, as we have covered everything you need to know.

What are essential oils used for?

Extracted through distillation, and used for centuries now, the Essential oil purposes may vary. Although the main reason for the popularity of these tiny bottles are their several health benefits. They are a natural way to cure your mind and body. In the present day, their usage may range from medicinal purposes to cosmetics. These small yet mighty bottles of aromatic essential oils are used for enhancing the worth of the lotions, perfumes and body washes. Some of the essential oils with a citrus extract in them are infused in cleaning products due to the assured cleansing properties they possess. In turn, they offer a natural scent while keeping your room clean and fresh. Another popular use of essential oils are in handmade soaps. Soaps imbued with essential oils benefit your skin by keeping the skin hydrated. 

What does lavender essential oil do?

There are several types of essential oils and each of them has varied effects on us. Likewise lavender properties are unique from other essential oils. We love Lavender for the calming scent it has to offer. Lavender has a strong yet soothing fragrance that holds the ability to comfort the mind as well as body. Lavender infused essential oil is powerful enough to bring down the stress levels and helps promote sound sleep. It is also great for the skin as Lavender has antibacterial properties that can be used to treat acne and even get rid of the scarring. The anti-inflammatory properties of this essential oil work like magic on routine skin conditions like itchiness caused by the insect bites or redness from the sun.  

As we talked about essential oils being used in handmade soaps, Lavender oil is one such oil used for the same cause. Much like other essential oils, this oil is also infused in soaps. If the idea of soap for you was just to wash yourself, well then you’re just oblivious. Lavender oil not just leaves you smelling wonderful but even hands you the most amazing benefits for your skin. Moreover, it has a calming effect on your mind which in turn impacts the overall health.

Lavender oil uses:

1: Hair
A study reported that Lavender oil can revive hair growth to a great extent subsequent to the treatment of just 7 months. It is believed that this essential oil is possibly effective for treating alopecia areata. Another research found that this particular oil could prevent head lice. It may even kill nits, head lice, and lice eggs. Some routine scalp issues such as Dryness, itchy scalp and scalp inflammation can also be treated with the help of Lavender oil. You may either apply it on hair or scalp. It is precisely great to keep the dandruff and infections at bay. 

2: Skin
Since Lavender oil is an essential oil derived from a plant, it can be consumed orally, inhaled through aromatherapy, and even applied to the skin. Lavender oil benefits for skin are effortless yet effective. It is believed to have age reversing effects on your skin like reducing wrinkles and acne. In some cases, it even helps lighten skin. 

How to use lavender oil?
How to use lavender oil is subject to what you are trying to heal. It is up to you to put the oil on your skin directly or by diluting it with carrier oil. Using lavender oil for face can be a little tricky. Generally, it is suggested to use clean cotton pads instead of your fingers on the affected area. While, in case of dry skin and wrinkles, you can apply the ointment straight with your fingers. 

If you are still wondering what is lavender oil good for, you should look at the medicinal health benefits of it. 

Lavender health benefits

There have been several advantages linked with the usage of Lavender oil. You already know the lavender benefits for skin and hair. Other than that, it has certain medicinal properties that can be put to good use. Let us look at some of the amazing health benefits of Lavender oil.

1: Alleviates pain
Lavender oil works wonders on sprains, joint pain, and backache. Just massage the oil over the strained area and your muscles will start to relax in no time. Lavender oil is also believed to reduce the pain that follows after the needle insertion. Gently massage the oil onto the affected area and you will be stunned with the results yourself.  

2: Boosts digestion
Lavender tea is known to encourage better digestion. The oil helps in controlling the after meal cramps in the stomach and intestine. Lavender oil restores the production of bile and gastric juices by increasing the strength of the intestine which further helps in treating stomach ache, indigestion, and diarrhea. Certain problems related to nausea can even be prevented by using this oil which is preferable as ‘prevention is always better than cure.

3: Eases Respiratory problems
It is believed that Lavender imbued essential oil can assist in fighting respiratory disorders such as throat infections, tonsillitis, asthma, bronchitis, sinus congestion and laryngitis. Just add a few drops in the diffuser or a humidifier and inhale the steam through it. Or simply apply it on your neck, back or chest to reap the benefits. 

4: Enhances mood
As an extra benefit, Lavender oil has a calming effect and wonderful fragrance. The aroma is powerful enough to actually relax your nervous system. It helps lower elevated blood pressure levels, and can be used for reducing hypertension. Lavender fragrance is absolutely refreshing, there’s no doubt about it. Hence, the oil acts as a mood booster.

5: Encourages better sleep
You might be wondering how does lavender help you sleep? Using this essential oil improves the overall quality of sleep to a great extent including the length of sleep, time it took to fall asleep and reduced symptoms of insomnia.

Did we miss out on any other benefit of lavender oil? Share it with us in the comments below.

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