Skin is the outermost layer of the body and it represents the health of our body. A healthy glowing skin symbolizes youth. Regularly the skin faces a rigorous environment and pollution. There are many spas available around us, where you can get optimal treatment for your skin. But In our daily life always we don’t get the time and opportunity to treat our skin. For this reason, we use soap for primary skincare products. Unfortunately, most regular soap available in the market does more harm than good. Let’s discuss how these soaps harm our skin, and how you can get glowing skin by switching to natural soap.

Why avoid regular soap?

Regular soaps that you find in supermarkets & medical stores are mass-produced through the same process. The brand name may differ but most of them contain the same elements. Companies use harmful chemicals, artificial preservatives, synthetic colors & fragrance to mass-produce these soaps. Unlike handmade soap, you can find dangerous chemicals like Parabens and sodium laureth sulfate in regular soaps. With prolonged use, they can damage the skin in various ways. It may include.

Dry skin, which would eventually lead to damage to skin cells
Additives in the soap can block the pores of the skin, which can cause acne and other problems
Surprisingly, certain brand soaps can cause hormonal imbalance
Ingredients in the soap can cause mild to serious allergic reactions

Switch to natural soaps

Unlike regular soap, handmade soap is better and milder for the skin. They cleanse and nourish skin naturally. They don’t contain any artificial preservatives. Therefore, they don’t cause any damage to the skin. Natural soaps contain emollient, which attracts moisture from the air. Throughout the day, this element maintains the moisture level in the skin. Natural soaps contain natural preservatives and they use flowers, spice, herbs, and other natural products for fragrance. Here are some of the benefits you get from using handmade soap.

Glowing, flawless and smooth skin
Skin stays moist, which would keep pollutants away
Natural fragrances can relax your mind. Each aroma has a different effect on the human mental state. You can choose the soap that would suit you.
They give the right nourishing to the skin to fight infections and allergens

Do not fall for marketing gimmick

Just because a soap look like an artisan soap or has a higher price, it does not mean that it is a bar of handmade soap. check out the ingredients in the soap. Choose one with clay, botanical extracts, salts and others. Natural soap will have a high amount of glycerin and pH value will be between 9 to 10. Free alkali soaps are commercially made for higher self-life and thus, do not fall for the gimmick. Most of the handmade soap ingredients would be locally grown items.

Your skin is a part of your identity. A fresh glowing skin keeps your mood positive and gives you extra energy to enjoy life. With a little wise choice, you can choose natural sop over a regular one. Your skin always may not get a spa treatment. But you can give it the same treatment and care at home with natural soap.

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