Why Natural soap is better than Commercial Soap?

Today, anything and everything you get in the market is filled with preservatives or chemicals. The thing you’re using to wash yourselves is among one of them. You don’t realize the significance of how anything you apply on your skin affects our overall health, it being the largest organ of our body. You have to understand that our skin is extremely absorbent and porous. 

Think of your body like a sponge which has kept on absorbing several different chemicals throughout your life. Always think twice before using factory made synthetic soaps which are infused with toxic chemicals that damage your skin. These chemicals not just affect your skin but your overall well-being. Now you cannot change what has been done, but you can prevent further damage. You can do that by switching to natural handmade bar soap.

Natural soaps are created in cold pressed environments which are mild on the skin and secure for you. On the contrary to how commercial soaps are produced in a factory, organic soaps are handcrafted by artisans and are customized for different skin types. The ingredients used in a natural soap are organic made of plant based materials and natural oils.

Handmade soaps are imbued with essential oils which again are absolutely natural. A lot of people prefer to use essential oils while relaxing. You can create a relaxing environment everyday while bathing with these essential oil soaps. If you have believed that the idea of a natural soap was just to wash yourself, well then you’re just oblivious. They are effective in many ways. On top of cleaning, the natural ingredients leave you smelling wonderful and offer the most amazing benefits for your skin. 

Such soaps benefit your skin by keeping the skin hydrated and also help in restoring the skin’s natural radiance. It locks the moisture in your skin and keeps it moisturized at all times. It keeps your skin healthy and also protects it from environmental damage. Moreover, it has a relaxing effect on your mind which in turn impacts the overall health. The aroma might help you to calm your nervous system. On top of that, it can even help in decreasing the elevated blood pressure levels.

What are you using on your skin? Soap or detergent?

At present, we have a handful of real soaps that we can count on, let alone natural soaps. The cleansing agent that you are using might not even be a soap. It could be a detergent considering the amount of chemicals involved. ‘Soap’ has a legitimate definition of its own. Majority of the profit-oriented companies do not label their products as soaps because they cannot be qualified to be called that. There is a set criterion to be fulfilled. All body cleansers, solid or liquid are nothing but detergents full of chemicals. You have been putting chemicals on your skin all this time. 

It is true both detergents and soaps are surface-active agents aka surfactants. A surfactant’s role is to decrease the surface tension of water that lets grease to blend with it. But mind you, they are not the same. Detergents are great for one thing – cleaning. They may be good for removing oil, cleaning dishes or laundry, but they are definitely not good for cleaning you or your skin. They clean out the natural oils of your skin. As you take a shower with such chemicals-infused soap, you have to reach for an expensive bottle of lotion to regain the moisture that was stripped. 

If you check the label of your commercial soap that you have been using, you will find an end number of unutterable chemicals. You might wonder as to why even manufacturers put such nasty ingredients in their soap? Because they are inexpensive and they even allow the soaps to have a really long shelf life. These soaps are manufactured on a large scale with artificial colors, synthetic ingredients, harsh chemicals, and cheap fragrant oils which may result in skin irritation. These synthetic chemical additives are not just bad for you but also for the environment. You are better off without them. 

What are the alternatives to Commercial Soap?

All you have to do is just check the label before picking out a bathing soap for yourself. You can look out for brands that produce handmade soaps with organic ingredients. Mike’s Soaps is one such handmade soap company. With Mike’s Soaps by your side, achieving healthy skin is not just a dream anymore. We create organic soaps with naturally occurring ingredients which are extremely gentle on your skin. The rich fragrance comes from the essential oils used in the bars. Here are few of the benefits of a Handmade soap:


The ingredients that go in the making of the soap are undoubtedly pure and natural which can be found in the majority of the kitchens. Moreover, the natural oils included in the soap are rich in antioxidants, vitamins, and various other nutrients that are essential for us if we want healthy and radiant looking skin.

11 reasons to use natural soaps

2: Natural Handmade Soaps are GENTLE ON SKIN

Just as we eat healthy food, the natural ingredients are also food for the skin as they are unquestionably gentle on the skin. Recipes that are used to make these soaps have been there for thousands of years. Commercial “soaps” that you find in grocery stores are made with industrial chemicals which irritate and dehydrate your skin. They are not just harmful for your skin, but awful for the environment, and are also believed to provide ill health effects.

Color and scent of a natural soap | Mike's Extraordinary Soaps

3: Natural Handmade Bar Soap has Glycerin

Glycerin is an ointment that soothes the skin and sustains water levels by locking the moisture in it. Majority of the materialistic companies leave out this ingredient to save it for other premium products to make more profit. But don’t worry, Mike’s Soaps make sure to put glycerin in all the soaps in order to keep your skin healthy and moisturized. 

Do you still want to keep using the chemical filled soap? No, right! We thought so.

Let us know your views in the comment section. Invest in your skin with natural bath products from Mike’s Extraordinary Soaps

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