Do you love applying chemicals to your body? I assume the answer to that question is a resounding “No”. Of course, why would it not be? Anybody in their right mind would not like to apply harsh chemicals to their body and that too, on a daily basis. But unfortunately, almost everyone does this every day by using commercialized products that are created for mass consumption.

People fall for the marketing gimmicks when they see their favorite celebrity on TV airing a commercial for a cheap mass-marketed product. They are paid a hefty amount to share the same frame with a particular brand name, and more often than not, they themselves do not use nor endorse the product. But people see that advertisement and fall prey to it, and the next time they go shopping, they simply choose the product up from the shop, not knowing how that product is actually made or what are its ingredients.

And then sooner or later they will face the consequences in the form of all sorts of skin problems. 

But don’t worry, because there is a better alternative to this predicament. Instead of using chemically induced mass-marketed soaps, you can instead choose to use handmade natural soaps that are devoid of all sorts of harmful chemicals. Handmade soaps are the best, if not the only alternative, which is made completely naturally and is produced and manufactured in a handmade fashion. 

What’s more, is that handmade soaps are not only good for you but are also great for the environment. There is a massive amount of toxic waste produced by the pernicious chemicals used in the manufacturing of mass consumer products. But that is not the case with soaps which are handmade, as the ingredients used in them are entirely safe and excavated from nature itself.

How do these small businesses survive, you ask?

These handmade products are not sold based on marketing gimmicks used by the billion-dollar companies who sell for their own selfish interests. But they are instead sold based on their quality alone in a word-to-mouth manner. Most of the time, the new consumer for these handmade soaps are made through the gifting of the soap by a close friend or a loved one and then because of the thought-provoking gifts and well-wishes of a loved one they end up being a loyal customer and patron of the present that they received. That business model has been working perfectly for ages for many large established handmade soap manufacturers.

Ingredients commonly used in hand-made soaps

You can find soaps which are handmade and which are are crafted with all sorts of mesmerizing natural ingredients that give them all kinds of heavenly fragrances. The most common ingredients used in soaps are cocoa butter, the scent of aromatic flowers, glycerine, poppy seeds, coconut oils, shea butter, almond oils, various kinds of butter, vegetable oils, etc. just to name a few.

Most of the handmade soaps that you will find in your local market will be free from all sorts of allergies, unlike their chemically induced counterparts.

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